Monday, June 11, 2012

It has been over six weeks now since Sebastian started having ABA sessions at home. We have amazing team of volunteers: Shaza, Hue, Jaclyn, Leah, Vennesa and Daniel.  Donna Chaney is our most qualified psychologist with decades of experience of working with autistic children who is designing programs and supervising our team. Donna is not only Behavioural Institute professional. Vennesa is working there too and in the future she will take charge of the tasks Donna is doing now. Sebastian is a very lucky boy!

We got the finest group of people you can ever meet. All of them are smart, gentle and enthusiastic. Things are going surprisingly well. Sebastian is improving with each session. Each session is an exiting event. Sebastian is inventing new strategies to get the biggest amount of reinforcers for the least amount of "work", it is endearing to watch indeed, but we are staying ahead of him and i that short time his requesting, washing and drying hands, and brushing teeth has improved already. Another noticeable thing is that Sebastian seems to have better eye contact, his attention and problem solving improved too. That does not always work to my advantage because he is figuring out how to do things i would rather have him not do :)
Jaclyn and Sebastian during one of the first sessions.

Inka is always big part of the picture trying to help with whatever is going on :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Paul Ceretti brings great news!

2011 was very good to us. It was year of the dog. Not is chinese calendar but in our house. We are bigger, happier and more complete family now when Inka is part of it.

2012 began with big changes. Sebastian moved from catholic to public school and things are going good so far. It did not start without trauma on day one when Sebastian has bitten his fellow student. But since then there were no such incidents I know of, and Sebastian enjoys himself on frequent day trips and outings.

The Friday the 13th was the day when we had the most exiting and luckiest news delivered personally by Paul Ceretti. Paul is well known in local Hamilton autism community as powerful advocate who does not take no for an answer, but for people who do not know I will try to introduce him. Paul is the father of autistic twins Delanie and Mackenzie similar to Sebastian in age. They were also denied IBI. His struggles are portrayed in documentary "benchMARKED". When pushing government to do the right thing by courts and media did not bring desired changes Paul did not give up. He came up with the idea of Autism Assistance Program based on volunteer work of students from McMaster University who can provide therapy after receiving training by professionals from Behavioural Institute. Students benefit by getting experience and credits. Cost of running of such program is only a fraction of the regular IBI therapy but it was still too high for me to afford at this time. And here comes the miracle: Behaviour Institute Children's Bursary decided to fund one child a year for this program. And Sebastian was qualified and chosen to receive it. So that was the news Paul brought us last the most lucky Friday the 13th. I am exited and overjoyed. As art of the program I will go through training and God knows I need it very much.

Our house it is going to be hectic in near future and it is going to be a very very good thing.