Saturday, September 3, 2011

Inka is Now Part of the Bunda Family

Our family expanded. It is official, and we have papers to prove it. Inka stands now for a hefty 30% of our family members. She is also the best behaved.

I will never be able to describe or even fully understand what happens at the Lion's Foundation between humans and dogs. I will also never be able to express my gratitude to the people that work for that amazing organization, with a devotion and charisma difficult to match anywhere else. The impact dog guides have on people's life is unmeasurable. There are no scientific instruments to detect the change in the quality of life that dogs bring. But we all can feel the impact of what they do.

My gratitude extends to all people involved in breeding, raising and training the dogs. They selflessly contribute countless hours to welfare of dog recipients. Foster families raise the puppies till the one year old and ready for training. It must be heartbreaking to raise the puppy for a year and then give it up. Professional trainers, volunteers, fundraisers, administrators, and not to forget the cafeteria staff - all people I have met in Oakville at the Lions Foundation - are kind smart, patient, and have a sense of humour that was able to lift up many awkward situations. We had quite a few belly laughs, and bonded with our benefactors. The trainers were patient with their trainees, both the canine and human kind. Here is a link to pictures posted on Facebook from our June training session in Oakville.

Have I mentioned that I feel grateful? I do. Thank you Lions Foundation of Canada!

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