Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dog Summer

This was the first summer Inka spent with us. We had the entire vacation to adapt, get to know and fall in love with each other.

We had a couple of uneasy moments. In first days, Sebastian poked his finger in Inka's eye unintentionally as he was passing by her, and she did not even flinch or duck to avoid him. That made things more difficult because I had to have them supervised when they were together. Then when Sebastian did not want to walk, he got very upset and it looked hopeless for a minute because he was grabbing Inka's tail and face same way he was grabbing therapists, teachers and my own hair faces and hands during his tantrums when he was younger. But this behaviour did not last long. Now things go much smoother. We walk go for regular walks all together. Inka makes us get out more. With her, every outing is an adventure. Yes, it is sometimes more difficult since we are not always coordinated, and depending on Sebastian's moods, I have to be in control of two and not just one unruly creatures. But Inka brings a calm and rhythm and enthusiasm to our endeavors.

We visited the farm couple of times, and Sebastian seemed to be interested in goats and other animals more than ever before.

Yesterday, I saw Sebastian for the first time hug Inka. He approached her several times. He was giggling and putting his weight on her, and reaching to her face and ears. She patiently stayed put, and when it was getting too much for her she would just move a bit - she seemed to enjoy Sebastian's awkward attempts at showing affection. Inka - the best dog in the world!


  1. Hey Maryna!!

    Sebastian is looking huge! You havent posted in a while. I hope you guys are doing well. InKa looks such a peaceful soul.

    Wish we could see each other again some time.

    Love and Good wishes.

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