Thursday, September 1, 2011

At Queen's Park - day 86

When I was driving on the familiar, stressful route to Queen's Park I felt the same way I did two years ago, and a year ago, and whenever I was going there. It was like moving back in time. Amazingly, not a lot had changed there. Buses spilling pictures snapping tourists, familiar guards who still remembered us, manicured lawns and indifferent statues.

We cheerfully joined Ontario Autism Coalition protesters at the edge of the lawn . Things were going great for a while but we were very close to fast passing cars and buses, and fire trucks and ambulances, and sirens were going by often and it startled Sebastian a bit.

We went up away from the traffic, and joined picture snapping tourists for a while.

We came back to hold the signs and get people to honk at us. Sebastian decided after a while he had enough and let me know about it in a way that could startle people who are not familiar with him, but he calmed down as we started waking away from the traffic. It was time to go home.

Inka was a star all the way, though it was not easy for her to keep from being distracted: there were a lot of squirrels running around, new fragrant grass, loud sounds, and all those friendly people!

On our drive home I was thinking my old familiar frustrating thoughts, and I thought that sadly, unless protesters start doing something outrageous we will never get attention of the media and politicians. I think we need to get advice from somebody with fresh and ingenius ideas.


  1. I cannot believe this is happening here..I am a mother of a 3 year old child with ASD and is this the fate of all our children?????? Why is it that the ON gov't finds money for Bollywood and aid for foreign countries but neglects our own children? Why is nobody listening to us? My heart goes out to Sebastian and his brave mom...we are in this fight to the end I guess......

  2. I know, it is quite surreal, isn't it? Parents of kids with autism emigrate from good country Canada, where everybody feels safe and is taken care of to country where underprivileged are ignored, humiliated, discriminated and preyed upon. No ticked needed. Everything is happening in polite silence. I have seen them beaurocratic muffin eating monsters. I do not understand how that happens either. It defies the logic, reason and heart.