Monday, August 29, 2011

Ontario Autism Coalition protest

I have been living under the rock recently, and partly it was my clear intention do not know what is going on in the big world around me. I retreated to my solitary world like wounded wild animal that can not bear the harshness of the jungle till it gets stronger. But here it came the event that is resounded like echo from our past.
Here is Ontario Autism Coalition announcement:
Join the Ontario Autism Coalition as we wrap a huge puzzle piece banner around the south lawn of Queen's Park to protest the ever-increasing waitlist for IBI therapy in Ontario. Together, we will demand that all parties in the upcoming provincial election announce their policies related to autism. Our home-made puzzle piece banner, constructed from strips of cotton bedsheets and decorated with spray-painted puzzle pieces, will easily stretch from the MacDonald statue all the way up to the Whitney Block, which houses the Premier's office. Please feel free to invite your friends! We'll need lots of hands to hold the banner and some other protest signs while we catch all the northbound traffic. Let's cause a scene!
Queen's Park / Toronto, ON, South Lawn--meet at the Sir John A. MacDonald statue
Wednesday, August 31 · 4:30pm - 6:30pm

It happened that I had to cancel three appointments I had this day. I am not that busy, but Wednesday was the only day I had any appointments this week. Watch out! We are coming back to our old stomping grounds at Queen's Park.