Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting ready for departure

I am getting ready to go for autism dog assistance training for a week. It is only 30 km away but I will have to stay overnight there for few days to bond with the dog. I am elated, exited and nervous. Sebastian has been very good lately, but on Wednesday he had an intense allergy attack during a very hot day, and every day since his eyes get pink and he wakes up with green crust in his eyelashes in the morning. He takes prescription antihistamines everyday. After the first week of adjusting to them they seem to work some and we only had two major attacks since April. I am checking the weather forecasts and praying for good winds.

Sebastian is calm and very affectionate lately. He climbs on my lap, asks for tickles, follows me, pulls my skirt and laughs, laughs and giggles as if he was telling me funny stories. I am collecting those precious moments like jewels. I stop whatever I am doing and give him long hugs, and breathe in the smell of his hair think life couldn't be better than this.

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