Monday, June 13, 2011

Dog/human training

I am in Oakville learnng about the dog world. There's lots to learn! I have met my new life partner. Her name is Inka and she is golden retriever/Labrador mix. She's the only blond and girly girl among four very masculine black labrador boys in our training group. I have seen her outrun them and outsmart all them big fellas in the leash-off area.

I am learning a lot. Today we went to the mall and a pet store. I get nervous and overwhelmed more often than dogs did. Tainers tell me that Inka "tests" me trying to establish her dominance and independence. I should respond by "correcting" her behaviour by yanking her leash. I am not quite confortable doing it, since I do not like yanking anybody's chain, and my timing is off quite often. Inka certanly does more of that "testing" behaviour than the more docile labs. But it has only been our second day together, and I hope I will get more confortable in the dog's world soon.

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