Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Communion

Sebastian is eight now, and it was quite a shock to me when I was told in the beginning of this school year that he will attend his first communion in May. I remember my first communion:the dress, the hairdo, the artificial white lily all girls were holding as a symbol of innocence, the priest's ornate robe, the smells and sounds of the church.
Time goes so fast. I remember Sebastian being a little baby, then a blur of worry and despair when we he developed autism, and now look, he is becoming a young man in spite of my reluctance and astonishment. He goes through life his own way.

There were a lot of preparations and rehearsals, but at the end Sebastian tolerated the long mass with songs and music in a big, crowded church. He was accompanied by his teaching assistants, Maureen and Gloria, who are his guardian angels during school days, and as they proved they can control his behaviour during difficult social situations like this one was.

Getting ready... It is Sebastian's first suit.

Little bit of encouragement goes a long way...

Perfect worshiping behaviour.

Big moment.

Big church.

Group photo opportunity that was almost missed.

Church looks more interesting upsidedowndown.

Practicing pious pose.

Looking handsome with our old friend Simon.

Looking handsome with mom.

Communion cake!

Swinging at the garden party.