Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dog pregnant!

Yesterday I had a phone call from the Lions Foundation - Dog Guides Canada, informing me that we were matched with a service dog. When it happened my heart skipped: our family is about to expand by 50% percent. How exiting! It will happen in June. I will have to go for a week of training and bonding with the dog.

Sebastian started prescription medication for his seasonal allergies two weeks ago, and it took some time to adjust because it seemed to not be work at the beginning. We went through lots of tears, medical visits and phone call advice. But things calmed down and we just had the most peaceful and tranquil Easter since I remember. Sebastian was running around, laughing asking for hugs and tickles, playing on his i-pad (yes he has an i-pad, I will write about it later), watching "Blue's Clues", swinging on his swing and humming happily.

And now the good dog good news.
I want to get our home and yard ready for the new member of our family. We do not know yet what he or she looks like, so we are going through feelings of expectation that is are a little like being pregnant. Dog pregnant.