Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why I do not feel like bloging

September was rough, rough, rough.....

Sebastian was hit by new wave of acute allergies, collection agencies were send after us by a lawyer who charged me triple of the originally discussed amount for helping with application to Human Rights Commission, and on top of it we have got the news that we will not make even on waiting list for a guide dog for Sebastian. I suspect that the reason for that was the "culture shock" people go through when they enter our little house. The renovations were never finished after Sebastian diagnosis. So our house is not good enough for a dog. We need new floors, some plastering on the walls, new windows and more, and much more. Most pressing is an exchange of old pipes that might have led in them as I found out about it just over a month ago.

I have a grand dream for our little house, but I really do not know where to find money for new dry and mold free basement, heated floors and some passive solar technology, and may be even new driveway. And of course air filters same as they have in hospitals. I was thinking about applying for government program for low income home owners, but we rent part of our house so we do not qualify, and by the way my renters are late with their rent.

My mom sounds depressed when I talk to her on the phone. She is too old and frail to live by herself.

I think I am stressed, stressed, stressed ...

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