Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

The weather n Thanksgiving weekend in Ontario was fantastic. Summer temperatures and autumn crisp air made it just dreamlike. Last few years I have been noticing good weather, but often I was not able to take it in. It is better now.

We were visited by a wonderful friend from Montreal, and thanks to her we went out more and had a great time. On Saturday we went for Hamilton harbor boat tour. The marina is just walking distance from our house, and we walked there, but I never thought about going on the boat myself. It was the last chance to take this tour this year since it was the last weekend the boat was riding. We were the only people on the boat, and the captain was very nice and tolerant of Sebastian restless behaviour. Sebastian enjoyed even boat rocking and was smiling most of the time.

Sebastian an our captain.

Sebastian enjoying our private boat tour.

On Sunday we went to Niagara.
Here are rainbows and smiles and pretty women:

After that we went to Niagara Gorge. I have never seen that place before, and I am very glad my friend wanted to go there.

The views were stunning, and I feel like sharing them here.

On our way home we stopped in Niagara on the Lake, and on Hamilton's beach at Hutch's Dingley Dell for delicious fish and chips.

On Monday we were over for a thanksgiving dinner at Simon's place and that went well except the fact that Sebastian likes making himself comfortable by undressing completely.

All weekend was full and rich in experiences and sights and we are very thankful indeed for that thanksgiving time.

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