Monday, September 6, 2010

Nagara Falls

On Saturday my friends who live in Chicago came to visit us and we have met at Niagara Falls. We drove there and waited for them to cross the Canadian border. This is Sebastian waiting patiently in company of king George.

The weather was great, and Sebastian was pretty calm.

We decided to go on boat ride, although the decision as usual involved bit of risk.

Putting on and keeping on noisy and slippery blue raincoat was a bit of the challenge. But the ride went very well and Sebastian enjoyed all the sensations: the moving boat, the noisy motor, crowd of people, and the shower from the falls.

I did not manage to take any more pictures during the ride, since I had to hold on to Sebastian tight and keep his raincoat on. If my friends will send some pictures they made I will post them, but for now it is all I have.

It was a good adventure even though we did get a little wet.

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