Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First school week

First day was great. Sebastian had a taxi send for him, because of some school bus mix up, that took a day to straiten up. so I had to go with him. It was good to see everybody after the summer.

Next day one assistant got bitten. Than the other one got scratched and bitten. On the third day I was called to come and pick Sebastian up, but by the time I came he was settled down.

Weekend was rough because of heavy allergies. On Monday he was fine in the morning at home but scratched and ripped the lump of hair of another special needs child that was sitting in front of him on the bus. When I came to school half an hour later for a meeting he was still screaming. His allergies were making his eyes hurt in spite of maximum dose of antihistamines I have given him right after he got up. It took more than an hour for it to kick in. Than he was fine till he came home. Another hour of crying. We went to the park, it did not help. We went to health center with my screaming and biting boy. They send us away to go to emergency. But that was just when the hour passed drugs started working and he calmed down. We have an appointment today with the nurse.

Other than that things are well. Other than that....

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