Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First school week

First day was great. Sebastian had a taxi send for him, because of some school bus mix up, that took a day to straiten up. so I had to go with him. It was good to see everybody after the summer.

Next day one assistant got bitten. Than the other one got scratched and bitten. On the third day I was called to come and pick Sebastian up, but by the time I came he was settled down.

Weekend was rough because of heavy allergies. On Monday he was fine in the morning at home but scratched and ripped the lump of hair of another special needs child that was sitting in front of him on the bus. When I came to school half an hour later for a meeting he was still screaming. His allergies were making his eyes hurt in spite of maximum dose of antihistamines I have given him right after he got up. It took more than an hour for it to kick in. Than he was fine till he came home. Another hour of crying. We went to the park, it did not help. We went to health center with my screaming and biting boy. They send us away to go to emergency. But that was just when the hour passed drugs started working and he calmed down. We have an appointment today with the nurse.

Other than that things are well. Other than that....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nagara Falls

On Saturday my friends who live in Chicago came to visit us and we have met at Niagara Falls. We drove there and waited for them to cross the Canadian border. This is Sebastian waiting patiently in company of king George.

The weather was great, and Sebastian was pretty calm.

We decided to go on boat ride, although the decision as usual involved bit of risk.

Putting on and keeping on noisy and slippery blue raincoat was a bit of the challenge. But the ride went very well and Sebastian enjoyed all the sensations: the moving boat, the noisy motor, crowd of people, and the shower from the falls.

I did not manage to take any more pictures during the ride, since I had to hold on to Sebastian tight and keep his raincoat on. If my friends will send some pictures they made I will post them, but for now it is all I have.

It was a good adventure even though we did get a little wet.

Friday, September 3, 2010


We went to Ikea yesterday. Sebastian felt at home, and was jumping on, and testing every sofa and easy chair, and diving into EVERY bed we were passing by. He politely would take off his shoes before getting under the covers in beds. He was hiding under the cowers, he felt smooth and soft textures of the bedding, he really enjoyed himself there.
After the shopping I bought him frozen yogurt - ice cream cone. Yeah, there it goes: to the hell with the diet, but I think it was worth the experience.

Ikea is one of the few places where we can get away with Sebastian's behaviour without too much attention from the store staff. And Sebastian likes the good furniture!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last day of vacation

Yes, I haven't been posting much lately. The reason? I feel a bit blue. And I do not feel like sharing whiny disappointments would help anybody. But I can do it in one sweep here and get it over with. So I have hoped that before this summer ends I will have some issues resolved, some decisions made. I hoped that Sebastian's tummy will work better since my plan was to be stricter with the diet and I expected results . Now the August is over and I am where I started, things are roughly the same as they were two months ago. We survived few heat waves, quite a few allergy attacks, few diarrhea spells of unknown origins. I haven't made any decisions, do not feel inspired to any new brilliant action, instead my hope quivers and shakes like a leaf. Even more, I think I am going through a wave of grief again, because when I see my child do something like chew ferociously on almost anything , or pull his tong for hours, or smear feces on the wall and realize that he is seven now, and no, he has not "outgrew it" , it is quite different from the time when he was three, and I thought I could help him. It is all different now. And no, it does not get easier. Not for me.

Sebastian has no therapy now, and I a not one of those mothers that can do it themselves. I found a teacher who is a legend in Polish community. She is brilliantly gifted and has had great success in opening communication with special needs children. I love her energy and enthusiasm. She can see Sebastian once a week, and come up with techniques to carry on during the rest of the week, except I can not carry on. No. Not in the state of mind I am now. I do not know if ever. Without it Sebastian has no chance. So there you go. Here is my guilt and feeling of inadequacy that kills me. And the longer I think about it that the worse I feel. And the worse I feel the less I can do. Vicious circle that's all.

And that end of summer is another marker in time that reminds me about things are not going well. And strangely I can not turn that tide no matter how hard I try. Or do not try. It does not seem to make much difference at all.

Other than that temporary little glitch, all is well in our beautiful universe.