Saturday, August 28, 2010

Greg Sorbara offensive suggestion

Tell Greg Sorbara his suggestion for aggressive autistic teen is offensive! is a new facebook group. Story behind it is very sad and very indicative of how our society is unprepared on every level for the wave of entire generation of autistic teenagers and young adults.
Here is description of the group from the website:
Greg Sorbara, MPP for Vaughan-King-Aurora and the former provincial Minister of Finance, told the mother of an aggressive autistic teen that his only suggestion for how to get him the treatment he so desperately needs is to have him charged in the hopes that a judge will issue a court order. The suggestion is outrageous and offensive. Please take time to contact his office and express your views.
I think that Greg Sorbara represents very well an attitude of our government towards autism. Most government officials are male over the certain age, and they have never heard about autism when they were young, and are just learning about autism from news, or letters of their voters, and are completely stumped by it. They do not understand it. They have no clue what it is and how can it effect individuals and society in general. Can autism help their political carriers? Maybe. But it is difficult topic. They would rather avoid it. They did not quite figured out how to use autism to their advantage. And the fact that entire society is not ready and clueless what to do with the autistic is not a surprise. It is not a new new phenomenon, but the problem is that it is no longer rare. Wave of thousands of untreated autistic children are quickly becoming autistic teens. Some of them will learn how to adapt and find a safe place for themselves among neurotipical conforming crowd. But some of them will not in spite of their and their families best efforts. And all existing societal structures are not ready for them. Not school system, not justice system, not health system, not the police. Families will no longer be able to contain them. Unpredictable even to people who raised them from birth they are dangerous for themselves and people who take care of them.

What will it take for Canadian politicians to take action that parents of autistic children are begging them to take for so long? I hope one day I will know the answer.

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  1. Hi Maryna, I read your blog almost everyday.Don't have time to post most days but I do love reading them. I love reading about how you and Sabastian spend your days at the beach. Things are really stressful right now,but I hope once school goes back we can chat.
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