Saturday, August 21, 2010

Clogged toilets and embarrassment

I am a landlord because I rent bigger half of my little house.That is why I can work only part time, and have time for my boy. Being a landlord can be very sweet if your tenants are nice and responsible people and nothing brakes in the house. but when things go wrong they go very wrong and it happens very quickly and it is usually a big and unpleasant and/or expensive. I have been very lucky so far. My tenants are great. But lately they are late with rent and today there was knock to y door at three in the morning because of the clogged toilet. I wish they called me a bit earlier before the big mess, and a lot of sewage soaked towels . The dirty toilet water leaked all the way to the basement. I was able to unclog the toilet but it took strong plunger, lots of muscle power a lot of time and some positive thinking. My tenant very polite and shy young man was embarrassed up to his ears.

When I was taking a shower after the ordeal I was thinking that I would like to find the way to embarrass Ontario Government about clogged waiting lists for behavoural intervention, and premature discharges from therapy for autistic children. See how my brain works? It is very "mono-thematic". Yet I think that in present Ontario government has no shame or conscious. It has not evolve yet to be capable to have those sentiments spontaneously between elections. . It is still a prehistoric beast lacking ability to have higher emotions or even ability to reason, or process basic arithmetic and add and compare simple numbers. Well fed by tax money gets restless and a little uneasy only before elections. Then it sheds it's skin shakes off old scales and goes back to old habits.

Oh boy it is very late, I just dealt with really dirty problem and it got me ranting a little.

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