Sunday, July 18, 2010

White clover

I am a far from diligent lawn mower. I cut the grass as infrequently as I can. I have my lawn mower set very low so when I cut the grass it cuts almost to the roots, and then it takes longer for the grass to grow back. But this year after a few such treatments grass did not grow back. The white clover took its place. White clover is considered by many to be a lawn weed, but recently attitudes are changing and there are websites advising one how to establish this nitrogen capturing plant in yards and gardens.

I enjoy the sweet scent of little white flowers. I like the shape of delicate leafs that bring luck if there is more then three of them on the stem. In my childhood we played a game of finding these magical plants. I watch bumble bees laboriously visiting every one of them. I watch Sebastian through it while he jumps on the trampoline and I think that is real summer. Our real summer together.

White clover lives in clusters often originating from a single plant. They seem to enjoy the companionship of close family members.

Delicate, elegant and exuberant flower arrangement in the shape of a sphere .

That is our little blue house set in the middle of a white clover jungle.

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