Monday, July 5, 2010

Under the weather

There are days when I definitely feel "under the weather". Lately we had quite a few such days. Some days I feel "under" although the weather is quite good. Not today. Today our outdoor thermometer showed 36C in afternoon, in our kitchen the temperature was 30C and we were hiding in our small bedroom where, thanks to air conditioner I bought few weeks ago, we enjoyed a luxurious 25 C. It is about midnight, and I am tired from shouting: "Close the door!" , "Turn the water off!", and closing the doors and taps all day after Sebastian opens them hundreds of times. Now he is whining , and I do not blame him: it is too hot and humid for comfort.

Definitely an "under the weather" day.

Trying too cool off and find some comfort in the red tub.
With mixed results....

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