Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thick Air

There are days when the air is so thick here that even my eyes sting, especially in the morning. What this is caused by I do not know--maybe pollen, maybe belching industrial smoke stacks poking the sky nearby. When my eyes start to burn, I know that Sebastian and I will have a difficult day. Sebastian wakes up with dried, green discharge in his eyes, and he starts crying right away. The medication I give him helps a little, but even when he eventually stops crying he stays irritable and hyperactive for days. He runs from room to room and back never staying still for a minute. It happens mostly during hot and humid weather, when I am trying to keep at least one room cool, but keeping the door closed is impossible. He has trouble falling asleep, and sometimes he falls asleep in the wee hours in the morning only to wake up early crying before the antihistamine I have to give him right away starts working.

This happens mostly during heat waves, when the hot and humid weather makes life uncomfortable by itself, and Sebastian's behaviour sends me into survival mode. Doing dishes and cooking soup feel like heroic efforts. This is how we spent most of the past week. Even middle of the night excursions to the water front were not bringing much relief. The fishes in the bay must have wonder "Why is that boy screaming like that?".

But today the air moved, and mysteriously, as if by a miracle Sebastian's behaviour changed. He is far from his previous calm, but he slept well last night, and was crying less--although he's still a bit hyper, but much less intense--and he even started giggling some. My brave and so incredibly resilient little boy!

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