Friday, July 2, 2010


It all started so innocently. We were coming back from an errand, and I decided to drop in to the beach, since we were so close.

Lake Ontario is very cold.

The beach is considerably clean, although far from pristine. It is a strange mixture of industrial and natural landscapes.

Sebastian enjoyed playing in the hot sand...

... a lot. Eating sand was part of the experience. My "Dont's!" were of little use. So I had to let go of my sand control protective instincts.

Getting sand in his hair created no obstacles

...and that is when the shorts went.

That was our university-level lesson in sand. Cold water, sand in the mouth, eyes, ears, hair, bum. I did not even have a beach towel with me, and getting from the beach to the car created some logistic challenges. Now even our car is full of sand. But we will be going back to the beach very soon.

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