Friday, July 30, 2010

The ombundsman update

This is Norrah Whitney Facebook post I ma quoting directly.
Make friends with her if you already hasn't.

The OMBUDSMAN outlined the extent to which they can influence Government decision making. I spoke with two investigators regarding the benchmark analysis tender which was the main focus of our discussion. My concern is if I disseminate the contents of that discussion in which I was requested to send further evidence than I had already sent to them, they asked for very specific things, it would give the Ministry time to "build a story" and I do not want to afford them that opportunity. Even the Ministry has no idea what I have, but what I can assure you it is raised the full attention of the OMBUDSMAN which may not really worry the Government. However, after further discussions and in fact finding out MYCS is under investigation by the OPP, they will physically be meeting with me next week to go over all my documentation about more than one benchmark analysis tender, no I have much more than that. I spoke directly to Premier McGuinty and told him I would take action that there was no more game playing. I also informed the OMBUDSMAN that on several occasions solutions were presented to the Government, found viable by the federal Senate and yet completely ignored, even though it would it follows the world's leading economists model, Mr. Adam Smith. While the news has maintained that no politician was aware of any wrong doing in tendering of contracts we will let all the evidence speak for itself regarding multiple tenders and let the OPP decide if one of the things their website describes as their function, "investigation political corruption", has in fact taken place. I think the evidence speaks for itself and as I say after discussions they feel it necessary to review the documents with me.

I did ask the OMBUDSMAN when we decided that it was okay to use human subjects without any protocol? Children .....I also spoke to them about potential illegal activity by certain individuals, providing details, and assuring them the abuse is rampant. I asked them if the wondered if parents of children with cancer ever had to endure what I described to them. They asked me if I was going to take legal action. That remains to be seen. 
Right now they want to look specifically at the tender of the benchmarks if you have any information even if it replicates what has been submitted phone them and ask for Ms. Hart. If you have any information regarding ANY highly questionable tenders that conflict with Service Chain Management Rules or the Ministries story itself and have evidence than please contact the OPP anti racketeering division and ask for Sarah Brown, you can call the general number and you will be placed through, but please they are very busy with a massive investigation so it must be specific and you must have hard evidence.

In a few weeks I hope to be able to post more, in the meantime everyone should write the Commissioner on the Conflict of Interest and tell him you want the benchmark analysis fully investigated. I informed the OMBUDSMAN that the OPP are involved and I think the Commissioner and the Opposition leaders need to hear from you too. I have already informed Tim Hudak leader of the PC's that the OPP are now involved and will be speaking hopefully to the NDP office.

Something very big is coming, I have waited 14 years and no regional provider or co-opted non profit will be able to stop it. I can't wait until it is publicly announced, but it will veto Tristram Smith's well paid hand in Ontario. Things are going to change.

I hope so.

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