Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Midnight walks and something unfriendly in the air

Sebastian's "whining" around midnight turned into crying, and when I went to check on him he was crying very hard. His eyes were pink and his eyelids swollen. I gave him allergy eye-drops, and waited for twenty minutes. He kept crying. I packed him in to a car, and drove to the near-by waterfront park. Such journeys have helped many times before. We were questioned by some concerned policemen since we were a strange looking couple: Sebastian crying, and resisting getting out from the car, and me dragging him out, barefoot and in a nightgown at one in the morning - I thought I had sandals in the car, but I took them out earlier, and I was in a hurry to get out of the house to stop Sebastian's screams. The policeman let us go, and Sebastian quieted down in the pleasant breeze from the lake. It is now 2:33 in the morning and it sounds like he is falling asleep. Finally.

I really do not know what his sudden outbursts are caused by. On the beach when he throws fists of sand in his eyes, he does not cry or even whimper. But these sudden attacks of what I call "allergies" come at random and from nowhere. Are they allergies? They look like that to me. Are they caused by pollen or fumes from the belching still-mills, or the nearby soy factory? Maybe. I am not sure. But although I do not have allergies, I sometimes wake up with my eyes stinging; though it goes away after few minutes. Sebastian is more sensitive and he wakes up crying and does not stop. It feels to me like there really is something unpleasant and unfriendly in the air.

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