Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat wave and allergies

After middle of the night walks in the park Sebastian woke up around eight in the morning. It is really hot today. He was fine for some time, and when he started crying I decided to go to the park again. So we went, and he did not get better, but worse. It is very hazy and hot even by the lake today. We came back home. I gave him antihistamine, eye-drops and a painkiller, and decided that we would go to the hospital emergency room--for filtered and air-conditioned air if not help--unless he would stop crying soon. It took longer than half an hour but he has just fallen asleep.

My goodness me!

What frustrates me is that I have such a hard time connecting the dots and figuring out how to help him, how to know ahead of time what could happen and prevent these episodes, and how to ease his pain instead watching him suffer. Shouldn't I by now have developed some motherly instincts that would help me? I feel very helpless, and allergies are not the only thing I feel helpless about.

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  1. I have been following your blog for some time and am thankful for the information re: governmental issues.

    I feel for you in your son's struggle with medical related conditions and was wondering if you have heard of this group:

    They will email you information and a list of specific lab tests to request to get your son's medical issues diagnosed properly, instead of just lumping all the symptoms together under the umbrella term of "autism".

    Bless your heart, fellow warrior mother.