Sunday, July 11, 2010

At Queen's Park - day 85

After the heat wave and the G20 mess, we have few excuses not to go to protest at Queen's Park.
It takes us long time just to get out of the house but we made it to Queen's Park in the afternoon.

The park looks better than last year, and there is no construction any more.

It is hard to keep Sebastian still or occupied for a long time.
the sand is not as good as on the beech.


  1. I like how he is covering the "autistic" on his t-shirt...and just leaving the "Too".

    Maybe because he is "too" cute?

  2. I know, I do not know myself what to do with the "A" word I am so very much not fond of. I would like to go to alternate universe where people communicate telepathically and do not need social rules and codes to regulate themselves. Oh, and allergies those would not exist there either. Clean crisp air.