Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sleepless summer night

We had an awesome week. Sebastian slept better and did not have an allergy reactions for the entire week. I feel like we are on vacation. The weather is fantastic and we spend a lot of time outside. I found the first red raspberry on the buses in the yard the other day.

Yesterday Sebastian started fussing at about six in the evening. I am not sure if it was allergies or something else. He fell asleep soon after, exactly like a week ago. But this time he did not sleep all night through. Instead he woke up after midnight and is still up at ten in the morning. He is happy and energetic. I played his DVDs, and I only lightly snoozed through the night from being waken up often, and so I am tired now. I am working tonight, so I will have a late night today too. Thankfully tomorrow is Sunday, and I will have more good weather and time to recoup.

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