Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Urgent Care Centre

Sebastian's belly got better then worse, then worse again. His allergic reactions are out of control, eczema flared up like fresh rose buds on his arms, and when he does not cry from sandy eyes he stims hard. It is hard for him to fall asleep...

After hours of crying, since drops and over-the-counter medications did not work, I called the nurse. She heard his cries, and urged me to take him to the doctor. We went to Urgent Care Centre, Sebastian stopped crying in the car. There were twenty people before us at the waiting room, but we did not wait long. The doctor saw him, told me that I am doing "all the right things" and that the was not anything else she could recommend. "But," I pleaded, "the drops or antihistamines do not help!"

We came home. He was fine, just stimming like crazy till he fell asleep long after midnight.
Another day... down.


  1. I don't understand why these Dr's don't see that there could be more to it then just allergies. With a nonverbal child and a long history of intestional issues, the crying,bowel movements etc etc...he needs blood work,cbc, possible u/s . There could be intestional parasites,bowel obstruction,various other things.I say keep taking him back to the DR and find one that will listen to you. If you want I will go with you. I seen that you called , sorry Matty had soccer till 8. Call me anytime and my cell is 905-5360778

  2. Maryna can you find a better pediatrician? We have a good one, or get a referral for one that will not waste your time. Have you tried doctor wendy edwards of chatham? I heard she is good and covered under OHIP. You need a referral to go see her.

    If you want to see our pediatrician, she is not DAN but will order tests and things to check things out just because she sees how stressed we are and wants to help us.
    Call or email and I will give you her details. She is in MIssissauga.

  3. how is sebastian now maryna? Have things improved?