Monday, June 14, 2010

Little miracles

It is hard for me to explain how it feels to watch my sick child suffer and cry from pain for hours and not be able to help him.

Sebastian's allergic reactions are strong this year, and since conventional medicine had nothing for us to offer we tried an alternative naturopathic approach. I made an appointment at Optimum Wellness Clinic. They are very busy this time of the year, but they were kind enough to give us an appointment quickly. The treatment they offer is painless and non-invasive and can not do any harm. I collected a rain water sample from our yard, containing all the allergens Sebastian was exposed to. I cooked some food for the road, gave Sebastian a regular dose of antihistamines and off to Mississauga we went. I was hoping that (what else?) after the treatment the allergies would miraculously disappear, and I did not give him antihistamines in the afternoon. He had the reaction around six on the evening, and so I gave him the Benadryl, and drops, and he fell asleep right after. That was unusual. Lately he has difficulty falling asleep before midnight. I predicted that he will wake up after three or four hours like many times before, but I was wrong: he slept untill before 5 AM. He was very cranky, and crying, and I gave him antihistamine again, and eye drops, and painkiller. He kept crying. I put him in the car and drove to the waterfront park. Maybe there is less pollen in the breeze from the lake I thought. He kept crying and did not want to get out of the car.

What to do with a crying boy early in the morning? I thought about the filtered air they have in the hospital. Sebastian always feels better there. I started driving in the direction of the hospital. We do not have to check in I thought, just hang around in the waiting room for a while. That is all I could come up with at that time. Less than half way through to the hospital Sebastian stopped crying. I turned around and we went back to the park. Sebastian calmed down. We had a long walk.

It is Monday today and Sebastian has not had an allergy attack since. No antihistamines since Friday. He sleeps well. His eczema cleared up from his forearms. A coincidence or miracle we were waiting on for so long. I hope it lasts.

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