Friday, June 25, 2010

At Queen's Park - day 84

I was working on Thursday, so I decided to come to Toronto a bit earlier and bring my protesting gear and do a little of pre-G20 summit protesting. I did not know what to expect. The day was hot. I parked my car near King and Younge and marched up with my sign up Younge street. I started seeing more and more police as I was coming up to Queen's Park: standing on the sidewalks, sitting in vans parked on the side of the street. I heard a lot on the radio about concrete barriers and people being checked for identification. Nobody approached me. I expected to see some demonstrations happening at Queen's Park, but what was a total surprise to me was that there was nobody there except a few regular tourist buses. Familiar Queen's Park guards asked few questions as usual--how long I would stay etc. They told me that there had been some protesters in the morning but they left, and it was actually quieter than normal. So I was there alone, looking down at College street, on a bright and sunny summer day, with sporadic tourists walking by. One young man asked me if I had seen a native demonstration. I told him that they left before I came. So I did not see any protesters, only one person looking for some. I did see a lot of police and the helicopters hovering over downtown. I was thinking about one billion dollars and what I would do with it.

Signs left behind by morning protesters.

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