Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day at Queen's Park

Yesterday I got up two hours early to get Sebastian's food ready for our day out. My throat was a little sore. I cooked soup, and fried some pancakes, packed extra clothes, and off we went. When we hit the hi-way Sebastian had a happy smirk on his face almost the whole time - he likes car rides. We arrived to Queen's Park little later than planned, and went to public gallery. I expected more parents and kids to be there but I could not spot any. There were plenty of school kids and tourists. I knew that Norrah Whitney and Paul Ceretti were there, and met them afterward. I think that the gallery should be filled up at every question period with autistic and disabled kids who are not receiving the services they need.

Sebastian was very good, and he sat most of the time beside me and on my lap, but when he wanted lie down on the bench we were sitting on I was happy to let him do that since there was plenty of room, and nobody sat beside us. Then the young security guard said we could not do that unless we moved to the back row. When Sebastian wiggled out of my arms and lied down on the floor I did let him do that. He is a little fellow now, but when he will be doing it as teenager-- and it is very likely he will keep reciting these behaviors without further therapy--this will no longer be such a harmless and cute thing to do.

The guards outside the Queen's Park building told me that I can not pull up mu sign when my car is parked in the front of it on the disabled parking spot. So I just snapped Sebastian's picture and went home.

After we came home I was feeling much worse. I fed Sebastian, turned his videos on and watched him roam around. I was feeling very very bad. I had a temperature, chills and a monster sore throat and headache. And that is when my friend Simon showed up. He fed Sebastian supper, gave him a bath, washed not only the the dishes, but also the floors - all when I was sleeping. Thank you Simon! When I woke up around eleven I still had a temperature but I felt much better. Today the sore throat and fever is still with me, but it is nothing I have not handled before with the magic of ibuprofen.

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