Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Short summer nights

Before we started the GAPS diet about a year ago Sebastian often would sleep just few hours a day. He often stayed up all night after an evening nap, sleeping four - five hours a day for weeks. So when he started sleep longer, for eight to ten and sometimes even-twelve hours a day, it was a very welcome change. After time I got used to this new schedule and stopped associating his sleeping longer with the diet. He is growing up, I thought. And then he had to have his teeth removed and was put, with my consent, on antibiotics for almost two weeks. What was I thinking? Sebastian's stool, sleeping patterns, stimmimg, even some biting reverted to patterns from a year ago. His allergies returned so strong that antihistamines did not work.

Do I think that it is all related somehow? Yes I do. I know the GAPS diet now a little better and we started from the beginning again, but the progress is not as fast as I would wish for. His stool looks better, but only when we are completely off any even cooked fruit, and four hour sleep nights are back. Last night he fell asleep at two thirty in the morning. When he falls asleep earlier he wakes up at four, at dawn. I know that whole bunch of scientists are looking for a genetic cause of autism but I swear if he has any of my genetic material in him, four hours sleep at night is not in his genes!

And also, if genetic and not environmental causes are responsible for the epidemic of autism, why is it that about one in a hundred autistic kids recover (loose symptoms) spontaneously? I have never heard about somebody spontaneously "loosing symptoms" of Down's syndrome, or albinism.

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