Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sleepless night

Before GAPS diet we started last summer we went through years messy stinky stools, extended belly, many irregular sleepless nights - Sebastian often would sleep just three - four hours a night and had great difficulties falling asleep, and had many tantrums, hand and feet biting and aggressive outbursts - grabbing face and/or hair of his caretaker. All of those gradually went away. Incredibly. Sebastian calmed down. I started thinking - oh, may be he is just growing up.

He did not heal completely, and we have to stick to the diet and his stool sometimes just goes bad without a reason I am able to decipher. Last few days his belly become very extended again and yesterday he had several loose and stinky bowel movements, and he did not fall asleep till around two in the morning.

When he was roaming around after midnight I had unpleasant flashbacks from the past, and another confirmation that there is a definite link between behaviour, brain function and digestive system of our kids. Is anybody doing serious studies about it? I keep hearing about governments giving millions for trendy genetic studies done on autistic children. But does anybody heard about any disease that was cured genetically? I haven't. And if we were to wait for genetic causes and cures for all diseases, we would have to close hospitals and medical field for a time being. There would be no cure and known genetic cause for any of them including diabetes, heart disease, viral and bacterial infections.
I grew a little frustrated and cynical over the years. Bother.

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  1. TOTALLY agree with behavior, brain and digestion. None of the diets helped us that much. However smelly flatulence (without ANY change in diets), and horrible behavior and concentration seem to go hand in hand in our household too. I just put him on soup and hope it gets ok. Today is so much better, he is just HERE. With Khaled, i dont know what it is. It is not gluten, he is fine on pizza and stuff, i really dont know.