Monday, May 10, 2010

Ugly stools comebacks

Last few weeks Sebastian had extended belly and more irregular stools. After the stomach flu it worsened, and now he is taking antibiotics before his teeth extraction. We have to do it because I noticed large abscesses on his gums coming back again and again.. It happens because his teeth are loose and when bacteria gets under the gums it creates the inflammation. He puts many random objects in his mouth. So we take the antibiotics, and his stools went from bad to worse. Beside loose undigested mess I just noticed mucus and a little bit of blood even. And poor guy needs to go to the bathroom many times a day. And he stims intensely. It is nothing new. He had stools like that for years - that was our pre - GAPS diet era. Now at least I know better what to do.
So we will start next week from the beginning again helping his gut to heal with GAPS ntro.


  1. I would stop using the antibiotic and call the Dr , Matthew has to take a different antibiotic that taste nasty but is more expensive. I think it is sulfur based.The blood in the stool sounds bad...thinking about you and Sabastian.

  2. I think we will finish the antibiotics we have. We have just few days left, and his gums seem to be healing fast. He still has loose stools, but less a day than before and they improved a bit. there is less mucus and I do not see blood any more. But he stims, stims, stims....