Monday, May 31, 2010

I am posting with permission an email forwarded to me today
Hello Everyone,

This Wednesday morning an extraordinary question will be asked on the house floor about the benchmark analysis. I can't give away too much detail, but if you wish to be present in the gallery the question will be asked about 10:30 am though you should arrive earlier to clear security and be escorted to the upper chamber.

It is fair to say that some very disturbing information has been uncovered and this affects all families in Ontario.

I will be speaking to the media afterwards. It is absolutely paramount that parents understand what the government is attempting to get away with.

If you belong to a list or have private contact lists or a list owner or just know someone who may want to attend can you post this tonight that this is happening . There is an event of importance on Wednesday at Queen's Park that will shocking for those who would like to be present for the questions. That they should contact Andrea Horworth's office at: attention: Sheila White, Executive Assistant to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath ( 416-325-2777 ) so your name can be given at security. It will not be a long event, but a gallery of families would be most welcomed to look down upon the house. I believe you must be seated prior to 10 am and you must pass security prior to going up to gallery. You must contact her tomorrow in order to reserve your spot.

I will be on the floor with my son Lucas.

Norrah Whitney
Executive Director of FEAT of Ontario

I will do what I can to make it on time, although it means I will have to push through QEW in the pick of the rush hour. But I have good practice - I have only done it couple of thousands time before... :-)

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