Sunday, May 23, 2010

Déjà vu

I do mot want to write this post.

After stomach flu followed by two weeks of antibiotics for his teeth extractions, Sebastian's stool and behaviour have regressed to that from year ago. His stools are large and full of undigested food, carrots, and green beans which look as if he just spit them out. He feels the urge to make many poops a day, and when he feels the urge, he often does not make it to the bathroom. I spend a lot of time cleaning after him and washing floors and covers. His allergies are so strong that his over-the-counter medications do not always prevent sudden eye swelling and redness, preceded by outbursts of crying. His stimming is intense and ugly, and the eczema came back, covering his forearms with blotchy red spots.

We are doing the Gaps diet intro, eating mostly broth and cooked chicken. I hope he will get better quickly.

I almost hope.


  1. I am sad to hear it too Maryna. I hope along with you always.

  2. Have you looked into checking for Intestinal Parasites .

  3. I found this book extremely helpful with my son's GI issues after he was diagnosed with autism.