Sunday, May 30, 2010

Colours and textures....

I did not write for the last few days, because what I've been doing lately is poop watching. It seems that we are out of the woods now, but it got worse before it got better. We went through the entire stool scale, and we could add few more types, and many more interesting colours and textures than those already listed. That is how it goes. I am becoming a little self-concious about it because I caught myself extrapolating a little too extensively when people asked how Sebastian is doing. Things are much better now: we celebrated some type 4! But I noticed just a little mucus yesterday still , and the eczema is back this morning.

Eczema might be related to the fact that yesterday we had to double over the allergy medications. Allergies hit Sebastian with a fury. It happens in the evening and in spite of regular over-the-counter antihistamines. So the poor guy is going from his normal happy self to first screaming, followed by a snotty nose followed by red and swelling quickly eyes. It all happens in minutes and in spite of taking the antihistamines. I think he is allergic to specific pollens and he is probably getting hits of them depending on the location of pollinating plants and wind direction. The eye drops would probably be the fastest remedy, but they are very difficult to apply without the assistance of second adult since he resists vigorously.

All those words starting with the letter "a" I would gladly forget: autism, allergy, antihistamine. I bet I could come out with some more...


  1. If you ever need a second set of hands for the drops let me know. I am always here to help out :)Jannelle

  2. Thanks Jannelle, I managed to do it twice today. I figured it out: I tucked his hands under the blanket and nealed on it on both sides very carefully. Thanks to big difference in our sizes the operation went smoothly both times. The allergies hit heavy today and the drops helped only for a while. I try to keep him home but it is hot.

    (Those drops are over $20 for 10 ml bottle!)