Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicken broth days

Bodies have the natural desire and ability to get well. But often things get worse before they get better. After couple of days living on organic chicken, vegetable broth and boiled chicken meat Sebastian got better and his diarrhea eased off. When he got briefly weak and slept during a day from die-off I was ready for it and did not worry, but when he vomited the next day when I was expecting him to get better I was taken aback completely. I think what happened is I gave him some cod liver oil, he was drinking a lot of water, and somehow it was too much for his healing stomach. So I kept him at home on Tuesday. His appetite picked up considerably, and he was calm and alert, getting in trouble climbing bathroom shelves, opening toothpaste tubes, spilling my baking soda, splashing water in the sink. He was giving me eye contact and a big delighted smile each time when caught doing it. When he stims he does not get into trouble like that. He runs around with his piece of string or rubber band and hums chewing on it oblivious to most things around him.

I think he could use a couple of days of GAPS intro. I sent him to school today, and I am working tonight, so it is very likely that he will get into bread or other GAPS-illegal, yeast breading food from his babysitter home. It's frustrating, considering how hard the last few days has been for us. All I can do is think that we have a long vacation coming soon, and I will have plenty of time to indulge in all kind of dietary extravagances.

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  1. This sounds so promising! I would feel better on chicken broth and veges too :o)
    The heat was too much for KHaled to bear and he vomited after a bike ride outside on the weekend. He hates water and we have to use lot of reinforcement to get some water in to him. Today he is up to no good, but calm and engaged, so that is always a good thing!!