Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sick days

Due to pinkeye, Sebastian stayed at home on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I decided to send him to school, but they called me almost immediately saying that pinkeye is contagious for ten days and that Sebastian's eyes looked pink. I picked him up and we went to the park although it was raining. In William's, our favourite couch was free so Sebastian had fun sliding from it. I had my fun too having coffee, and we went home. He is getting restless at home - naturally. Feeling for him, I let him run outside on the yard. He comes back wet, cold and muddy but carrying the biggest smile splashed across his face. We change his clothes - a welcome opportunity to practice this life skill - and after a short wile he wants to go outside again. It is cold and rainy and has been since Tuesday. We need the sun to come back.

There are things to be done and decisions to be made that are lurking at me from everywhere - I am not ready. I think I will take some sick days too and do and decide nothing or as little as possible for few day.


  1. I know the feeling Maryna. Sometimes I want to put off decisions and stop time.

  2. I think that whatever I has been doing so tar has not work well. So doing nothing for a while is better than making myself busy doing what I was doing or wasting my energy doing whatever comes to my frantic mind. But as soon as something crystalizes I will be ready.
    I need rest and clarity and fresh ideas.
    As far as time is concerned according to theory of relativity time goes more slowly in higher gravitational fields. According to quantum physics there may be parallel universes existing at the same time in the same space. Our linear perception of time might be just a perception. I am writing it all just may be to ease my own sense urgency and fear that I am not doing right things at the right time.
    I know one thing for sure: fear is not a positive motivator. And so I am not going to let it motivate m any longer.