Monday, April 5, 2010

Sebastian is seven years old

The last few days I felt a little less energetic than normal, probably due to the pink eye and all. I was hoping that I would catch a little wave of inspiration in the very last minute and be able to come out with something maybe low key but nice do do for Sebastian's birthday. I felt like celebrating a little. On his previous birthdays I didn't. I couldn't stop thinking about what he should be able to do while passing his milestones. I wanted to stop comparing him to other kids but I couldn't. And when I did I cried, cried and I cried.

Now Sebastian is happy most of the time and much fun, and smiling so brightly that nothing else matters in that moment. We harvest these moments. We have been starved of them for a long time, so when they come, those giggles and hugs, and beaming smiles, time stops and we take notice.

I thought that the pinkeye came and went away, but I was wrong. It came back thanks to all those unhygienic ways of ours. I woke up in the morning with both my eyes itchy and shut closed. When I finally got my eyes open, I saw through the fog on one eye. I did not look very pretty. Sebastian seemed to be OK, only because I did not see well. His eyes were also getting red again. so we went straight to the local Health Centre. We did not have an appointment, but we were seen by our very friendly nurse practitioner. We came back home with two tubes of antibiotic eye ointment.

The ointment did wonders to our eyes, but I did not feel like going out much. We would be spreading the pinkeye around, but the weather was just fantastic. We stayed in our yard. basked in the sun, listening to the birds and looking at our flowers. Sebastian was at his happiest. It was warm enough that I could take his shirt off for some power vitamin D compounding. The unusually warm weather for this time of year was the best gift Sebastian got for his birthday and it came straight from Heaven!

Happy Birthday Sebastian!


  1. Happy Birthday Sebastian!! You tall, handsome happy boy.

  2. Happy Birthday Sebastian!


  3. happy belated b-day sebastian...We love u little man :)