Sunday, April 11, 2010

Plane crash

I do not watch the news.
Can you blame me? Most of the time the news is tragic, and hardly ever relevant to our life. I got tired of listening about accidents, murders and robberies committed hundreds and thousands of kilometers from where we live. I got tired of listening about things that do effect me but I have little or no influence over like pollution, corruption, wasting of taxpayers money, increased costs of living and other doom and gloom stories. I realized that news is a consumer product. And watching the news is like eating fast food everyday. It will make you sick like eating fast food everyday does in the Super Size Me documentary movie. I still watch too much TV in my opinion, but I hardly ever watch the news.

This morning I called my mother, who lives in Poland. I did not know anything about the crash of the airplane filled up with Polish officials, including the Polish President. One of our village natives, a retired dentist was in the plane too. I still had a headache--a bad one--and could not quite comprehend what my mother was saying. What tragic and strange news. I cannot think of another time in history in which a country lost so many members of the elite at the same time (during peace time).

We are used to sameness, to one day being similar to the previous day, but our reality can change very quickly and unexpectedly.

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