Friday, April 2, 2010

Four pink eyes

All last week Sebastian was a bit lower energy, bit cranky, but his eyes were bothering him, they were red, so I was giving his some antihistamines for allergies. I kept him at home for a day, but the next day I have send him to school. He did not complain much.

I wake up today with one eye closed shut. I could not open it at all. It startled me a little. Now it is a time for graphic details: the green discharge from my eye glued my lashes together. I washed it off and when my eye opened it was pink inside. The pinkeye. That what was bothering Sebastian all week and not allergies. He had a little green discharge in his eyes, but not much at all, and both of his eyes got pink at the same time. So I thought it were allergies. His eyes look good today, not red at all, but my second eye is itching. If I knew that he had pinkeye I would not send him to school since it is contagious.

It was 25C , 70F outside today. The sudden wave of very warm air came from nowhere suddenly. My neighbor Irene took Sebastian to waterfront Pier 4 Park. I have fantastic neighbors! Irene said they had a great time and Sebastian wanted to jump into the water. I think I have to start bringing him to the pool.

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