Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Saturday

In Polish tradition Easter Saturday is a day to take to church and have it blessed there food that will be eaten on Easter Sunday breakfast. So processions of Polish Catholics march to churches with baskets filled with painted eggs, sugar lams, sugar chickens, and must-haves: salt and bread and piece of horse radish. Baskets are decorated and very colorful and very pretty.
Our basket was minimalistic and understated, but still a valid Easter basket.

Sebastian was a perfect trouper and we were able to visit without major incidents three stores and a church.

After we came home my friends dropped in with an unexpected visit. Our home was in its CHAOS and that is an acronym for Can't Have Anyone Over State. Our home is in that state often I have to admit and I am bothered by it and always embarrassed about it. Even when in considerable order my home is not set to have company, and so I was happy to see my friends, and was happy when they left. I hope to set up some space outside so at least for the summer I will have some space to sit and chat when I have another round of unexpected visitors.

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