Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bride like plum tree and stiming

Sebastian's behaviour and mood improves steadily. He is much calmer now. Instead waking up crying he giggles before he opens his eyes in the morning. He giggles a lot all day to my utter delight. But days vary, and sometimes he stims more, and sometimes almost not at all. Today he stimed very intensely after he came from school, and that is in contrast to quite a few very calm days when he was sick at home. I wish I had a sixth sense and was able to figure out what happens with his little body.

He grows now, and his front teeth are loose. He still has eczema periodically. I want nothing more but for him to be healthy.

Thankfully Sebastian did not show allergic reactions to our plum tree blooming so beautifully.

I couldn't help myself but post those pictures.

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  1. wow, I love this. You are lucky with this tree Maryna, seriously. From our window, we only have the view of a naked fat man smoking in his balcony usually.