Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ARO’s civil disobedience seminar

I really wanted to go. It is very sad that parents have to resort to civil disobedience since no other avenues seem to bring any results. But on the other hand it is exiting. After years of writing letters, dealing with uncooperative bureaucrats, reluctant politicians, the entire "system" saying NO! NO! NO! Now it is time to release all that frustration and do something creative, clever irritating, and maybe even fun?

So, I really wanted to go. And right when it was time to do so, Sebastian had a huge meltdown. His allergies are so acute now that even the regular antihistamine dose is not preventing it. I could not leave him in that state, or take him with me. He calmed down after taking more allergy medications, but it took about forty minutes or so, and it was too late to even be late, and so we did not go. Bother.

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