Friday, March 19, 2010


After today's speech therapy session we decided to go to the park since the weather was great, and the sun was shining like in the summer. Sebastian was in a good mood. There were geese and ducks and couple of swans in the water close to the shore.

Sebastian was exited, looking at the birds, clapping his hands and exclaiming "Ga-ga-ga! I thought maybe it was first time in his life that he was trying to say geese (a bit of the stretch there) but he really was looking at them and not ignoring them as he usually does. He wanted to go down to the water and I did let him, and he was fine for a short time. I thought I was risking him getting his feet wet, and I think it is a good way for him to learn by experiencing the unpleasantness of cold water on his feet after I warned him not to go to the water. But he did not just wet his feet. He dashed into the water up to his waist! He got wet up to his armpits. It is March, and in Canada the water is still really cold. It was also very dirty at that spot. Fortunately we were close to the car and I always carry extra clothes in it.

I wander if he learned anything at all from that experience. Maybe we should go there again soon. I will make sure I have my camera with me, so as to fully exploit the entire situation for entertainment purposes. But I think I will wait untill the weather is bit warmer.

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