Monday, March 22, 2010

Gatekeepers preventing children's access to therapy results in class action suit

Parents in the US also have a difficult time fighting for their children's rights. In the United States, children with autism/disabilities have protections under a federal law called the "Individuals With Disabilities Education Act" or "IDEA". What would it take to establish similar law in Canada?

In Canada we do not have anything like this, so if one judge decides that denying therapy for autistic kids is not a deprivation because they do not die from not having it, and that it is up to provincial politicians to decide what services the government will fund, and the other judge decides that a six year cut off point for therapy is not an age discrimination, and another decides that if the paper trail is done according to the rules it is reasonable thing to discharge a six year old from the therapy - that's what happens! Parents of autistic children are struck dealing with their child's devastating condition. They struggle under financial pressures even before they decide to take legal action. Government-run agencies dip into the tax payer's pockets to cover their lawyers and court expenses.

Here is a very interesting article about a parent from California who has a son with autism. He is a resident of the Modesto/Stockton area who was denied ABA services.

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