Saturday, March 20, 2010

Four-Way Agreement

The internet is a blessing. I just got an exiting email with a lot of information from an outstanding autism advocate and mother in California. In California, parents were able to successfully challenge the document that Ontario's Continuation Criteria is based on. Here is a quote from a newspaper article detailing this case:

Rules that outline how certain services for autistic children are provided in San Joaquin County are discriminatory and violate education laws, some parents argue.

They have called on state and federal investigators to examine and eventually eliminate the county's Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment Four-Way Agreement.
Read entire article.

There is more information to come.

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  1. I love how the explanation for children who are booted out of the ABA program is always "it's not appropriate, there are other appropriate programs." WHAT other programs? There's nothing, unless they are saying a less intensive program with ABA principles is enough because it's cheaper to implement. I would be interested to see if the "other programs" keep up the pace of learning that the intensive ABA (IBI) does even if the child does not meet all the benchmarks.