Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The day after

Here is the decision of the OHRC if you interested.
I haven't read it yet. I really can not make myself do it. Part of me still feels rage when I think about it all for too long. And I have important things to do, and anger and despair are not the emotions that can even remotely help me to take care and help to grow such exceptional and delicate child Sebastian is. The day after is the day for rest and distancing ourselves from all the negative emotions, time for regrouping, and doing all the things I did not have time to do before the hearing.

Sebastian was very tired and low energy with running nose and puffy eyes last night. Allergy season is not even quite here yet, and Sebastian already has reactions. So I let him sleep longer, and he did recuperate. Now during the times when his stiming is quiets down i can see him looking around and taking everything in. He is such a delight. We had a great day together.

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  1. I cannot read this. My heart is in my throat and my eyes are swelling with tears. Our children have no common traits, and I have never met you, but am in a simialr situation with the Human Rights Commission. I feel like Erin Brockovich with this "burden of proof" crap. Nobody can really understand the emotional tole this process has on a parent.

    I really like your blog....and I usually dislike ALL parent written blogs on Autism. What I do like, is a real glimpse into what one is feeling, not what one thinks looks good as a new post. Do you have a followers button? If your linking those blogs (I don't follow) on the right of your page, why not give us a chance to follow you!

    Take Care..thank you for being yourself.
    Tawnya www.unregulatedword.blogspot.com