Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Autistic Persons You Don't See on Sitcoms, Reality Shows or Hollywood Movies

I found that clip on this post, at Facing Autism in New Brunswick blog.
There is nothing much I can add as a comment. Only that I have seen the children with similar severity and very similar behaviours improve at Behavioral Institute Children College where Sebastian was attending. They have families who can afford the therapy, because Ontario Government would not fund it. But Ontario Government would fight in court parents of autistic children who dare to demand therapy for their severely autistic children. And they call the therapy "time limited " now. And they have Continuation Criteria according to which they measure their abilities and worthiness. Here is what autistic kids in Ontario should be able to do after six months to have their therapy continue:

Foundation Skills

Motor Imitation – imitates 10 familiar actions with objects and 10 familiar gross motor actions
Imitation - imitates 10 sounds/phonemes or 10 ASL signs
Manding – 5 impure mands (with objects present)
Receptive - 5 one-step instructions
Matching – generalized identity matching of 10 novel stimuli (either picture to picture 2D-2D or
object to object 3D-3D)
Labeling – 5 receptive tacts (i.e. identification) in any communication system (e.g. PECS, Sign)
Attention to Task – can tolerate and demonstrate compliance for 4-5 minutes of intensive
teaching at a table
So reality in Ontario is this. You child is diagnosed with autism. You wait months to get on official waiting list, you wait years (3 to 4 ) for therapy, and after you finally get it if your child will not be able to do above after six months - you are cut.

And Ontario Courts agree with Government As in this ruling against Delanie six years old severely autistic girl who was like my son discharged using those criteria, and who is our neighbor. We were commenting on that brilliant decision it n our previous post.

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