Monday, March 1, 2010

Another autism murder.

I found this disturbing article today:

In the comments under the article I found this one that I think is worth quoting:
It is such a rare and unnatural event for a mother to kill her own child unless she is mentally imbalanced or on drugs, and with this poor woman it appears that both are distinct possibilities. (.......)
So many things can throw the brain chemistry out of balance. Continual stress produces adrenal exhaustion resulting in other hormone imbalances, and depletes nutrients especially the B vitamins and magnesium. An example is soldiers in combat who live 24-7 in a state of hypervigilance. Since God didn't design the human being to live in a state of "Kill or be killed" so often these war vets return home with severe depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and many commit suicide. They survive the war only to end up with drug and alcohol addictions in order to cope. Parents of children with autism are often "living in a war zone".
So here we have parents under continual stress trying to cope with and find solutions for their children who are under continual stress....

And another parent comments:
... you should be able to understand how horrifying it is to see your child in pain and feel unable to help him. To feel like everything you do is not enough, everything you've tried has failed. To feel like there is no where to turn and nothing left to try.

I can completely understand getting to the point where one might come to believe that their child would be better off dead then to continue living in pain and anger and confusion, with little to no "quality of life". Parents of children with terminal diseases make this decision every day. Yet because autism isn't life-threatening (unless you count the fact that many need constant monitoring due to flight-risk, no awareness of danger, self-injurious behavior, or seizure disorders) our children's suffering is overlooked and considered acceptable.

Mother of the child were socially and financially privileged, and yet it did not prevented tragedy.

So even privileged parents buckle under stress of parenting autistic child. And yet most of parents of autistic children are not cushioned by money and social status. . And we have to fight for our kids against entire systems of government institutions established to help them. In theory because in practice those systems are thoughtless heartless and couldn't care less. Well, it has been my experience. So far.
Let's hope the times they are a-changin'...

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  1. I know some privileged parents. Doesn't matter how rich you are, you know that when you are gone or unable to care for them, they will be under the care of another person, a stranger, a relative, someone who is not YOU. No amount of money can guarantee their quality of life.