Monday, February 22, 2010

SSAH Provincial Coalition

I just got Special Needs News newsletter from SpeciaL Needs Services. I wanted to find the digital version online,to share it with you and I found this link:
SSAH Provincial Coalition
I am really tempted to share the news letter with you, because it is very indicative of how "Special" the special needs people are for Ontario Government.
The newsletter is actually very useful and informative and helps navigate around roadblocks created by Government bureaucrats to prevent parents from getting financial help for helping them care for their disabled children. We are one of the families that failed to reapply before October - hence no money for us - may be just for this year, or may be ever. You have to wander though how it is possible in this country that prides itself from being one of the best to live with to make disable children wait, make process of receiving funds involved and complicated, and use every opportunity to take the money back from them.

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